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Heaviest Best Value Safe in the U.S.A. 
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Patriot Gun Safe Company is the best choice for total gun protection.  If you you are looking for a Gun Safe that can thwart thieves and hold back a torrent of blazing flames then you should consider Patriot Gun Safe Company as your #1 Source for Residential Asset Protection as well Inner office security. You are welcome to call us (877)311-1776 and ask questions or contact us.

New Special Features:
Thicker Steel | X-2400 Locking Systems | Advanced Re-lockers | New Fail Safes
Warning System | Premium Coatings | Over Sized Bolt work | Heavy-Duty Hinges

Why Patriot Gun Safes?

Most Other Safe Co.’s

Patriot Safe Company

Steel Thickness

12 Gauge Steel

Defeated with non-powered tools

10 Gauge and 1/4’’

Stands up to Tool / Pry Attacks

Weight of Gun Safes

200 lbs to 580 lbs

Light -Duty Easily Torn

639 lbs to 2500 lbs 100% Better Quality

Fire Protection

45 mins - 1 hour @ 1200 degrees will burn 87% fire loss for Wood/Paper Items low level RSC ratings

2 Hours 1880 Degrees 99% Fire Survival Rate for Wood/Paper Items  BEST RATED!

Locking Bolt Config.

(3) to (8) ct 3/4’’ to 1’’ Dia. 2 Side Coverage leaves you open to Pop and Peel attacks low level RSC ratings

(18) ct HUGE 1.5’’ 4 Side Expansive 4 Way Bolt Coverage Extreme anti-pry attack protection

Locking Technology

Std. Industry Locks

1 year warranty

X-2400 Fail Safe

Lifetime Warranty

Hinge Set

Internal or light duty double Hinges sag over time

Heavy Duty Triple Hinge Set for Maximum load

Featured Products
Biometric Handgun Safe
Biometric Handgun Safe
Average Rating 0 Review(s)
Your Price: $349.00
On sale: $299.00 On Sale
"Closet Model" 12 gun safe 2 hour fire 1880 LEO SPECIAL New 2014
"Closet Model" 12 gun safe 2 hour fire 1880 LEO SPECIAL New 2014
Average Rating 13 Review(s)
Your Price: $1,798.00
Vault Door - "Front Line" 8040 New 2014
Vault Door - "Front Line" 8040 New 2014
Average Rating 3 Review(s)
Your Price: $2,665.00
On sale: $2,499.00 On Sale
"Protector" 2HLEO Limited Edition - "We the People 1"
"Protector" 2HLEO Limited Edition - "We the People 1"
Average Rating 2 Review(s)
Your Price: $2,798.00
"Armory" Tall 45 gun safe 2 hour fire 1880  2014 L.E.O Special (scratch and dent)
"Armory" Tall 45 gun safe 2 hour fire 1880 2014 L.E.O Special (scratch and dent)
Average Rating 0 Review(s)
Your Price: $3,099.00
On sale: $2,900.80 On Sale
Military Gun Safe III - Collector2HLEO
Military Gun Safe III - Collector2HLEO
Average Rating 0 Review(s)
Your Price: $3,676.00
On sale: $3,476.00 On Sale
We also offer wholesale GUN SAFE pricing for your club or organization.  When it comes to Gun Safes there is no other brand that is mimicked and sought after as a Patriot Gun Safe.  The true test of a brand is how it affects it's over all industry and Patriot Gun Safes is the new definition of Gun Security!  If you are seeking information regarding owning or using a gun safe check out our gun safe buyers guide.

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