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Gun Safe Deals

New 2015 Gun Safes & Used Gun Safes Gun Safe Deals

Patriot Gun Safe Company is the best choice for total gun protection.  If you you are looking for a Gun Safe that can thwart thieves and hold back the torrent of blazing flames then you should consider Patriot Gun Safe Company as your #1 Source for Residential Asset Protection or Inner office security.

Gun Safe for the Closet

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The Best Gun Safe in Town

Finding the Best Gun Safe can be difficult due to size and logistics.

With Gun Safe Shopping there can be nuances that are overlooked that put you in danger or at risk of unwarranted or unrestricted access to your firearms. Inferior locking systems or in most cases fire loss due to the low end fire protection less than two hours can cause 100% catastrophic loss. In our 30 year trial and error experience manufacturing Safes never gets easier working with steel is hard work and many automate their processes over time straying from time honored practices.  Patriot Gun Safes sells Gun Safes built by the best!  

HD Protector Gun Safe

Additional 10% off at cart checkout today - All Upgrades Free with 2-Hour Gun Safes

A Gun Safe is more than just a Steel Box to Protect your Guns from almost anything a Gun Safe is People the ones who work hard designing and building them the ones shipping them across the nation and the ones using them to protect the things that they have worked hard to own.  We are proud to offer our line of Gun Safes to be considered by you and hope you give us a chance to prove it.  Our goal is for you to have the best Gun Protection Available by owning and using a Patriot Gun Safe.

Large Gun Safe For Sale

Additional 10% off at cart checkout today - All Upgrades Free with 2-Hour Gun Safes

New Special Features:
Thicker Steel | Better Locking Systems | Advanced Relockers | Fail Safes
Built in Alarms | Premium Coatings | Over Sized Bolt work | Heavy-Duty

Here you can shop for Fireproof Safes, Gun Safes, Vault Doors, Handgun Safes, Used Gun Safes and Home Security Safes. We are headquartered in Garden Grove California however we ship our Gun Safes to EVERY City & State in the U.S.A and North America.  From California to New York we are the gun safe company that the other guys hope you never discover. It's because of this that military and law enforcement including sportsman all get treated to the special discounts and free options. Shipping is 100% free to your curb and we cover the Sales Tax.

Please Consider a Patriot Gun Safe Today! Call with questions or easy order online today.  There is no better place to get a safe for your home, office or shop. Call us for available Gun Safes.

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Seriously don't wait to buy a Gun Safe until it's too late at the least give us a call!

Gun Safe Information (877)311-1776

See how a Patriot Gun Safe saved 65 years of hard work. The only thing that was left after a devistating fire was what was contained in his 2-Hour Fireproof Patriot Gun Safe.

Own a Gun Safe

New 2015 Gun Safes and Used Gun Safes  

Gun Safes nationwide FREE SHIPPING NOW! 

Whether fire, theft or unauthorized access a Patriot Gun Safe will give you more confidence in what you do no matter where you do it.  Never again on the way to the airport will you say, Did I lock the door? or Did I close the garage door?  If it's a gun safe you seek Patriot Offers many sizes to meet the needs of most any kind of gun collection.  Gun Collectors count on us to provide the type of security equipment that will keep their valuables safe while giving them smooth easy access on a daily basis.

Patriot Gun Safes are the best gun safes you can buy regardless of the discounted price. Every time you leave the home as an owner of a Patriot Gun Safe you can feel secure in knowing you have done everything you could to take care and to protect the things that are most important to you. IF YOU DON"T LOVE IT send it back!  Not Ready but like the sale $20.00 DOWN makes sure you don't miss out on these Special limited Gun Safe Deals!


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New & Used Gun Safes For Sale

We have the gun safe you have been looking for. From our American Warrior Safes to our Patriot Gun Safes we think you can find a safe that fits you at a price you can afford on terms that you choose. Please tell us what you are looking for and we will get back to you with an instant quote in 30 minutes or less or we will credit your purchase $100.00 Try us!  New as well as used gun safes as low as $499*. Learn more about Fire & Secuity

New and Used Gun Safes Available

Patriot Gun Safes are created to protect people and personal property from harm

A “Gun Safe” is a piece of security equipment that prevents the unauthorised access to long guns as well as hand guns.  A Gun Safe protects children as well as the mentally ill and or unstable.  Gun Safes create a barrier that prevents a person from being able to take hold of a firearm in hand.  This barrier is created by steel and layers of x type fire rated material to not only prevent unauthorized human access but keeps out fires as well. 
Featured Products
Biometric Handgun Safe
Biometric Handgun Safe
Average Rating 0 Review(s)
Your Price: $349.00
On sale: $299.00 On Sale
"Closet Model" 12 gun safe 2 hour fire 1880 LEO SPECIAL New 2014
"Closet Model" 12 gun safe 2 hour fire 1880 LEO SPECIAL New 2014
Average Rating 13 Review(s)
Your Price: $1,798.00
Vault Door - "Front Line" 8040 New 2014
Vault Door - "Front Line" 8040 New 2014
Average Rating 3 Review(s)
Your Price: $2,665.00
On sale: $2,499.00 On Sale
"Protector" 2HLEO Limited Edition - "We the People 1"
"Protector" 2HLEO Limited Edition - "We the People 1"
Average Rating 2 Review(s)
Your Price: $2,798.00
"Collector" 39 gun safe 2 hour fire 1880  2014 L.E.O Special  (scratch and dent)
"Collector" 39 gun safe 2 hour fire 1880 2014 L.E.O Special (scratch and dent)
Average Rating 1 Review(s)
Your Price: $2,999.00
On sale: $2,440.80 On Sale
Navy Gun Safe I - Collector2HLEO
Navy Gun Safe I - Collector2HLEO
Average Rating 0 Review(s)
Your Price: $3,676.00
On sale: $3,476.00 On Sale
We also offer wholesale GUN SAFE pricing for your club or organization.  When it comes to Gun Safes there's really no other brand that is mimicked and sought after as a Patriot Gun Safe.  The true test of a brand is how it affects it's over all industry and Patriot Gun Safes is the new definition of Gun Security!  If you are seeking information regarding owning or using a gun safe check out our gun safe buyers guide.

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Patriot Gun Safe Company
New & Used Gun Safes Available

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